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Forensic Accounting Services in Philadelphia


Looking for Forensic Accountant in Philadelphia?

At Fact Finder Forensics Inc., we offer a comprehensive range of expert services tailored to meet your business and legal needs. Our team of skilled professionals includes experienced fraud investigators, digital forensics experts, and forensic accountants, providing top-notch services in business valuation, fraud investigation, and digital forensic analysis. Whether you're seeking market valuation services, require assistance from a forensic accountant near you, or need a digital forensics investigator to handle complex financial disputes, our dedicated team is ready to assist. We excel in uncovering financial fraud, embezzlement, and other financial crimes, while providing expert witness services for litigation cases. With unwavering commitment to justice, we ensure accurate and actionable insights, helping you navigate the complexities of the legal system and achieve positive outcomes. Trust Fact Finder Forensics Inc. to be your reliable partner in safeguarding your business interests and uncovering hidden truths with precision and efficiency.


Our Services

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About the beautiful city of Philadelphia


Nestled along the eastern seaboard of the United States, Philadelphia, often referred to as the "City of Brotherly Love," holds a captivating blend of historical significance and modern allure. As one of the country's oldest cities, Philadelphia boasts a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, iconic landmarks, and a dynamic spirit that continues to shape its identity. From its pivotal role in the American Revolution to its thriving arts and culinary scene, Philadelphia stands as a city of enduring history and vibrant culture.

Philadelphia's roots run deep into the bedrock of American history, as it served as the cradle of the nation's birth. It was in Philadelphia's Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was debated and adopted, signifying the bold assertion of freedom and the birth of a new nation. Additionally, the city hosted the Constitutional Convention, which led to the creation of the United States Constitution, solidifying Philadelphia's status as a cornerstone of democracy.

Iconic Landmarks and Treasures

Walking the streets of Philadelphia is like stepping back in time, with its iconic landmarks preserving the essence of the past. The Liberty Bell, an enduring symbol of freedom, proudly stands as a reminder of the nation's struggle for independence. Adjacent to it lies Independence Hall, where history was forged by great minds with lofty ideals. The Philadelphia Museum of Art, known for its iconic "Rocky Steps," houses an awe-inspiring collection of art from diverse periods and cultures.

Beyond its historical treasures, Philadelphia boasts a thriving arts and culture scene that beckons visitors and locals alike. The city's creative energy permeates its numerous art galleries, theaters, and music venues. The Philadelphia Orchestra, renowned worldwide, enthralls audiences with its magnificent performances. For those seeking artistic inspiration, the Barnes Foundation and the Philadelphia Museum of Art offer a vast array of masterpieces.

A Sports Enthusiast's Haven

Philadelphia is a city that wears its sports pride on its sleeve. With passionate sports fans cheering on teams like the Philadelphia Eagles (football), Philadelphia Phillies (baseball), Philadelphia 76ers (basketball), and Philadelphia Flyers (hockey), the city's sports culture is deeply ingrained. Attending a game at the Lincoln Financial Field or Citizens Bank Park is an experience that fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among fans.


Visiting Philadelphia? Here are some valuable resources:

Visit Philadelphia

The official tourism website of Philadelphia, offering comprehensive information on attractions, events, dining, and more.​

Philadelphia Museum of Art

The official website of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts.​


Independence National Historical Park

Website for Independence National Historical Park, home to iconic landmarks like Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.​


Citizens Bank Park

The official website of Citizens Bank Park, home to the Philadelphia Phillies, providing game schedules and ticket information.​


The Infatuation Philadelphia

A food and restaurant review website with recommendations and guides to eating out in Philadelphia.


Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau

Another official tourism website providing resources for visitors, including itineraries, maps, and insider tips.


Please Touch Museum

A family-friendly interactive museum that offers fun and educational experiences for children.


Lincoln Financial Field

The official website of the home stadium for the Philadelphia Eagles, where you can find information about games and events.


Philadelphia Eater

A food-focused website offering recommendations and reviews of top restaurants, cafes, and bars in Philadelphia.


Philadelphia Magazine

A local publication covering various topics, including food, arts, culture, and events in Philadelphia.


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